Data and system management in today’s globalised economy has forever changed how companies consider enterprise risk management. In response, EmergIn Risk designed insurance products and solutions to look at business risks in a new and innovative way, offsetting the financial and operational implications of operating a company in today’s business environment.

Enterprise Cyber Risk Insurance Solutions

Today’s interconnected environment has pushed the large corporates to drive efficiencies in employee productivity and customer experience. As a result, companies are using technology and data in new ways.

EmergIn Risk has identified many of these exposures and will work with clients to develop cyber solutions intended to minimise investment and performance risk. Our solutions incorporate a blend of risk transfer and vendor services that engage with our client’s strategic plans to minimise their exposure to drops in performance due to system or data corruption, the inability to access systems, as well as the potential for data breaches.

Converging Risk

Our Converging Risk policy is designed to address the convergence of media, tech, E&O and privacy related exposures under one holistic policy. Program eligibility includes risks domiciled in the US. Coverage is available for traditional media risks such as ad agencies, personal appearance, broadcasters, social media businesses, etc. The program offers E&O coverage for a wide variety of media and tech related companies as well as hundreds of miscellaneous professional liability classes, or non-core media risks, but seeking coverage for specific media-linked services such as marketing or PR. Coverage is also available for First  and Third Party Privacy and Network Security exposures.

Technology E&O

The modern company is often heavily reliant on technology to deliver services to its clients. EmergIn’s 3rd party cyber proposition can be extended to provide professional liability to cutting edge technology firms or other companies whose operations are technology centric.