Data and system management in today’s globalised economy has forever changed how companies consider enterprise risk management. In response, EmergIn Risk designed the Enterprise® insurance products and solutions to look at business risks in a new and innovative way, offsetting the financial and operational implications of operating a company in today’s business environment.

Enterprise Cyber Risk Insurance Solutions (E-CYBER)

Today’s interconnected environment has pushed the large corporates to drive efficiencies in employee productivity and customer experience. As a result, companies are using technology and data in new ways.

EmergIn Risk has identified many of these exposures and will work with clients to develop cyber solutions intended to minimise investment and performance risk. Our solutions incorporate a blend of risk transfer and vendor services that engage with our client’s strategic plans to minimise their exposure to drops in performance due to system or data corruption, the inability to access systems, as well as the potential for data breaches.

Customized 1st and 3rd Party Cyber Insurance Products

  • Strong focus on covering the 1st Party cyber exposures to business enterprise risk
    • Immediate access to named vendor panels, with ability to access vendors for initial 72hrs before having to notify the insurer
    • Broad non-physical damage triggers for Business Interruption
    • Business Interruption coverage can extend to named IT vendors
  • Tailored Privacy Breach management and liability coverage
    • Crisis response costs
  • Full Cyber cover up to USD25 million, Euro25M and GPB25M
  • 100% London backed, offering A.M. Best “A” rated paper
  • The ability to write all sized accounts across different industries and geographies
  • Global service capabilities are backed by best-in-class vendor solutions:
    • Symantec Companies (IT Services)
    • Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP (Legal)
    • DAC Beachcroft (Legal)
    • IDT911 (Breach Response Services)
    • RGL (Forensic Remediation and Accounting)
The policy is triggered by:

  • – Malicious actors (including employees)
  • – Negligence or mistake in managing the company’s system
  • – Programming errors
  • – Malfunction or failure of the company’s system


  • Interruption to business activity due to systems and/or data, or a named IT vendor providing critical process if taken offline
  • Crisis Response to engage IT Specialists and overtime costs of employees to identify and seek an end to an extortion or a ransom request
  • Additional Operating Costs include:
    • Staff costs
    • Costs to procure product or service to meet contractual obligations
    • Service credits or contractual penalties
    • Professional fees to review or audit the System Interruption
    • Switching to a different IT vendor
  • Loss of Net Income covers the difference in forecasted net income (before taxes) and realised net income as a result of the cyber event

Business Interruption

  • Crisis Response to engage IT Specialists and overtime costs of employees to identify and seek an end to an extortion or a ransom request
  • Costs of repairing, restoring, re-collecting or reconstructing data or software affected by a cyber event, including:
    • Employing contract staff and specialists as needed to help with restoration
    • Licenses to reinstall affected software applications

Loss or Corruption of Data or Software

Liability arising from a Privacy Breach or Network Security Event:

  • Privacy Breach management to cover the cost of:
    • Legal and PR consultation to manage through the Cyber Event
    • Costs to notify clients of a Privacy Breach and setting up call centres
    • Providing credit monitoring and ID theft insurance to affected 3rd parties
  • Defence costs and damages for a Privacy Breach which includes any unauthorized disclosure of personally identifiable information (including banking information) and corporate information
  • Defence costs and damages for a Network Security Event which includes any:
    • Transmission of a malicious code software, or virus
    • Unauthorised access by 3rd party to data
    • The inability by an authorised 3rd party to access data
  • Defence costs or fines and penalties (where insurable by law) incurred as part of a Regulatory Investigation as a result of a Privacy Breach or Network Security Event

Privacy Breach

  • A threat to release or destroy data, introduce a malicious code, corrupt or damage the system, imitate the insured for the purposes of phishing, or actually restricting or hindering access to the company’s computer system
  • Crisis Response to engage crises negotiators, and IT Specialists to determine the cause and end an extortion or ransom event
  • Costs of any payments to end an extortion or ransom event

Cyber Extortion

  • Liability for certain acts, committed in the course of the performance of digital media activities to include:
    • defamation, libel, slander,
    • unintentional infringement of copyright, plagiarism, piracy or misappropriation or theft of content, concepts or ideas
    • infringement or interference with rights of privacy or publicity
    • public disclosure of private facts,
    • intrusion and commercial appropriation of name, persona or likeness
    • etc