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Innovative, enterprise-wide solutions for complex global risks

Maximising profitability has forced businesses to integrate core enterprise strategies with evolving technological capabilities in digitization, processing, and ultimate delivery. While traditional risk management protocols remain centered around profitability, continuity and growth, strategic and contingency planning for performance management have evolved over time to meet the demand of a consolidating and ever globalizing economy.

EmergIn-Graphic-Red-01The challenge remains for corporations to limit the risk to investment, performance and adaptability in the event of shocks to the enterprise. However, technology has forever changed the speed with which business enterprise risk can be derailed, with the potential for substantial financial and operational implications.

As such, the role of the insurance provider must evolve.

Given the landscape of the modern business, “umbrella” style insurance products should no longer be the norm. Rather, insurance solutions should be developed by blending an understanding of a client’s core business and helping to match any strategic planning and performance management initiatives with the perceived enterprise risk. This approach allows us to develop a balance of differentiated products and services which we are able to deploy to our target markets.

It is with this approach that we deliver our current propositions, which will remain at the core of our product development moving forward.

Ryan Specialty

EmergIn Risk is a part of the Ryan Specialty family. Ryan Specialty is a service provider of specialty products and solutions for insurance brokers, agents and carriers. Ryan Specialty provides distribution, underwriting, product development, administration and risk management services by acting as a managing underwriter and a wholesale broker. Ryan Specialty’s mission is to provide industry-leading innovative specialty insurance solutions for insurance brokers, agents and carriers. ryansg.com (NYSE:RYAN)

Ryan Specialty was founded in 2010 by Patrick G. Ryan, the widely respected insurance veteran, founder and former Chairman and CEO of Aon Corporation. Mr. Ryan saw the need in the marketplace for a specialty organization dedicated exclusively to creating sophisticated insurance solutions for risks that demand innovation, proven leadership, outstanding industry expertise and quality services on behalf of brokers, agents and carriers.

Within Ryan Specialty, EmergIn Risk falls within the Underwriting Managers specialty. Underwriting Managers delivers an independent and entrepreneurial approach to the specialty lines space by providing a unique platform for operational, legal, actuarial and technical support. Underwriting Managers’ exceptional resources and back office support allows underwriters to focus on the risk itself, delivering a superior level of service to brokers, agents and carriers.